Steam Bans 40K Users


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Steam has just made their biggest user ban to date. Just only a day after the Steam Summer Sale concluded, Valve’s anti-cheat system banned more than 40 000 steam users. That’s almost 3 times more users than their previous ban in October of last year for 15000 bans. The information first came via the SteamDB, a third party database that detected the massive spike in account bans. According to sources, about 30000 bans were handed out before 12 pm eastern time. On average the valve anti cheat bans are handed out to about 3 to 4 thousand accounts per day. Valve chose the day after the sale ended, in particular, to ban all those offenders because it would prevent them from using the games they got at a discount during the sale on another account and continue cheating. Cheaters apparently are a big problem during the summer for games Dota 2 and CS GO. Along with the bans, over $8500 worth of skins are now lost in limbo. We’ve mentioned it time and time again, it just doesn’t pay to cheat online in video games.


EA just announced that the Star wars battle front 2 multiplayer beta is on the way. Starting on October 4th, people who have preorders star wars battlefront 2 will be able to access the beta 2 days early on October 4th for ps4, Xbox One and PC. The beta will open its doors to the public on October 6th. Included in the beta are two game modes. First is galactic assault mode that takes place on Naboo. Second is the new starfighter assault. EA says that the beta will run through til October 9th. EA is set to reveal more info for the game in August as Gamescom.


The spin-off of google’s self-driving car division, Waymo, has started to train their autonomous cars to make way for emergency vehicles. Waymo teamed up the police and fire from Chandler Arizona to set up an emergency vehicle test day. During the all-day test, emergency vehicles like ambulances police cars and firetrucks would pass by, trail and lead the autonomous vehicles while the sensors from the self-driving cars would collect as much data as possible from all speeds, distances, and angles. Waymo says that by teaching the cars how to detect and respond to emergency vehicles, they’re moving closer to bringing truly self-driving tech into the world.


It’s time for bem bem bem bem lightning round!


Louis Vuitton has just launched a new line of Android wear smartwatch called the Tambour Horizon. And it starts at a price of $3150 Canadian. The only way to get this watch right now is in Toronto. I mean if I wanna spend a lot of money on a smartwatch, it might as well be a luxury brand name like LV… I think?


GoPro has begun partnering up with broadcasters like Fox Sports and USA Today to test their 360 VR Fusion camera.  Could you imagine watching ufc in 5k resolution or in VR? Dang dude.


Spotify is working on a driving mode for their mobile app that would include bigger buttons to skip tracks and even add voice control.


Looks like Sony will be dropping a white version of the pS4 Pro that will be bundled with Destiny 2. I need both of those things…


And in half life news, half life one is apparently still getting new patch updates almost 20 years after its initial launch. Valve thats cool that your spending time fix some old stuff. But like how about you take the time and energy patching things and maybe, oh i dunno, make half life 3. You think about it.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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