Super Mario Run for Android: It Doesn’t Exist

As you know, Super Mario Run is now available on iOS. At the same time, some Android users have found some “similar” Super Mario Run games at Google Play Store. However, the fact is there is no official release.

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We understand this is a popular game. There are many Super Mario fans can’t get this on their Android phone. However, if you see a “Super Mario Run” game that is available on Play Store, or your friends email you the “100% legit download link”, we recommend you to ignore it.

Even most of those games are safe and signed by Google, there are still troves of apps that could steal your data and hack your phone. Also, some download links are virus website that you never want to visit.

Yes, Nintendo did not release the official version of Super Mario Run for Android. Hopefully, they will release it at the beginning of 2017. What Android users can do? Play the original Mario game while you wait or go buy an iPhone for this game if you are a huge Mario fan.


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