Surface Book vs. Surface Pro 4

We talked a lot about Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro, and Surface Book vs. Macbook Pro. After tons of comparisons, there is still one we have not mentioned yet. YES! Lets compare Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. which one is better? – Below is a summary of PC World’s review on this. Thanks for Mark and Gord, we have a very comprehensive review on this matter.

surface book surface pro 4 Microsoft


Both fellows agreed that Surface Book look sexier, have a better screen, and of course the GPU in the keyboard. So there is no doubt that Surface Book will lead in feature section.



Well what we can say? At the end of the day, we are comparing a laptop with discrete GPU vs. one that does not. So Surface Book leading 2-0.

surface book surface pro 4 mobilemark 14 1.5 office productivity battery life

User Experience:

Well here, we have a different angle.even the two fellows took different thoughts over the two devices.

What I will say is I feel from a user perspective, they are similar but one is more pro with more features, the other is more compact and mobile.

To be fair lets say in this round Surface Book 3 – 1 Surface Pro 4

surface pro 4 left

Pricing and Bang for the buck:

Well, Surface Book is twice as expensive compare to the Surface Pro 4. Yes, with discrete GPU, Surface Book’s dominance in performance is unbeatable. However, that will cost you $3000 USD.

Lets be realistic, a $900 Surface Pro 4, with i3, 4G RAM and 128GB SSD is going to satisfy 90% of your professional needs. For many of us, a powerful GPU and ultra stunning screen are not mandatory requirement. It is fair to say that, considering the cost on the device the score now is: Surface Book 3 – 2 Surface Pro 4

microsoft surface pro 4 display detail

To summarize:

If drops to one single argument basically; the money. If you are not restricted on budget, then of course go for the Surface Book. You are buying the best laptop/tablet in the market, 100%. However, if you are on a budget and need something useful but not overkill, then lets grab the Surface Pro 4 instead.