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We are living in a golden age of storage. Many moons ago, our ancestors had to scrounge and save for every spare kilobyte if they wanted to store a digital media library, but today? It’s easier than ever to not only store vast amounts of videos, photos, and music, but also to have those files accessible from wherever you are. And that’s thanks to network attached storage, also known as NAS. or NAS, if you’re a hip-hop fan. Today we have with us the DS416play, a super sleek and efficient way to hold 40TB worth of 1s and 0s. Why don’t you, uh, let me tell you about it?


At first glance, I gotta say, the Synology DS416play looks pretty nice for a NAS. It’s got these asymmetrically curved edges, the Synology logo on the sides, which also serves as air vents, and understated labelling and I/O. On the front, the DS416play has the power button, a single USB 3.0 port, and LED status indicators for the each of the individual drives as well as the whole system. On the back, there’s the power jack, 2 gigabit LAN ports a Kensington lock, 2 more USB 3.0 ports, and 2 80mm fans that are pretty quiet, but seem to provide decent cooling. The stylish front panel, which comes off super easily, would be even better if it didn’t attract fingerprints like magnets attract other magnets of opposite polarity. NICE analogy, Riley. Thanks.


But who really cares what it looks like if it’s gonna sit in your cabinet or wherever else you put Nas-es? Let’s talk specs. This unit has 4 bays for 2andahalf or 3andahalf inch drives up to 10TB for a total potential capacity of 40TB. They’re super easy to install, with tool-less side clips for the trays. By default, it will set your drives in Synology’s hybrid raid configuration, which has a 1-drive redundancy to protect your files, but it also allows you to add more storage later in varying capacities, so you won’t have to replace all your drives if you need to replace one, or if you need to upgrade. Of course, if you’re a RAID expert like me, I love those bug commercials, you can set it in a standard RAID configuration of your choosing as well.


In our system, we’ve got 3 4TB Seagate IronWolf Pro drives – even though they’re designed for NAS systems, they spin at 7200RPM, but that’s not the impressive part. They’re kind of perfect for the Synology DS416play, because it’s got Seagate’s IronWolf Health Management baked right into the DiskStation Manager operating system, or DSM. This feature provides you with live drive health monitoring and suggests actions you should take to maintain performance or resolve issues that might come up. You can also schedule health tests for 1 or multiple drives to keep tabs on how things are going.


But that’s only a fraction of what the DSM operating system is capable of. You can access it through any web browser connected to the internet. There’s robust administration capabilities, with the ability to set up different users, each with a specific data quota. There’s Cloud Sync, which lets you link your NAS with public cloud services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, so you can have the benefits of a personal and public cloud. You can use the NAS as a backup solution, setting a folder on your PC to sync with the CloudStation app. Synology also has an entire suite of mobile apps that allows you to stream your content from wherever you have WiFi access.


Now, what about performance? Well, over our gigabit network, transferring just over 23 GB took around 3 minutes at a pretty consistent 110 MB per second and benchmarking Playing 4K video files on 3 simultaneous PCs connected to the NAS through the browser-based interface went off without any noticeable stutter or decrease in quality. I fired up a Premiere project, and I could not detect any lack of performance compared to our regular massive 27TB server, so editing on this thing should be a great experience.


So, what’s the verdict here, guys? Well, looks like we got ourselves a very capable little 4-bay NAS that should be perfect for creative professionals, small to home business users, or families that want centralized storage that everyone can access. If you’re interested in the Synology DS416play NAS, you can click the I in the corner or the link in the description to check it out at Thanks for watching guys, you can click here to watch more of our videos, and check us out on twitter over here. But as always, like the video if you liked it, comment below for fans with benefits and subscribe for more videos like this from NCIX.

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