The best low-cost laptop?



Holiday season is coming and a laptop maybe a good gift for anyone. Well, of course you can spend $1500 to buy a powerhouse gaming laptop, or $1000 to buy a professional business laptop. However, not everyone needs such a thing, and sometimes a cheap laptop will do all that you want.

Let’s talk about cheap laptop today. What will you expect to get when you only want to spend $150 or $200.

Can you really buy a laptop at that price? Yes, you can.

How good can this laptop be? Well, it will have basic computing features, but do not expect too much on the performance.

Lets quickly breakdown the tech specs of a cheap laptop:

1. OS: you can choose either a Chrome OS, or Windows 10. And you can always load Linux on your own. I do not suggest Windows because of the resource usage. Instead, Chrome OS and Linux are awesome choices for a cheap low performance laptop.

2. Screen: 1366×768 will be the most common resolution on a 11.6 inch screen for most cheap laptops. Not the best screen, but you can live with it.

3. Hard Drive: it either comes with small flash drive or a small 250GB hard drive.

4. Webcam: yes, you will have a standard camera. You will be able to use it for video calling.

5. Memory: 2G is most common, better models will come with 4G Ram.

6. Processor: Atom processor or mobile processor are common. Sometimes, you will also find AMD’s APU chips as well.

7. Ports and Wireless: USB ports, HDMI, SD cards and of course 802.11ac, all these will be loaded even on a cheap laptop.