Thunderbolt 3 integrated into CPUs

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In a blog post today, Chris Walker, VP of Client Computing Group and general manager of the Mobility Client Platform at Intel, announced the company’s plan to integrate Thunderbolt 3 into future CPUs. Intel sees Thunderbolt 3 as the natural successor to the ubiquitous USB port and to help drive mainstream adoption, Intel will also be releasing Thunderbolt protocol specification, royalty-free, to the industry next year. Walker believes that Apple embracing the port with their modern computers is an example of history repeating itself since the original gel-coloured iMacs drove the mainstream adoption of USB peripherals. Thunderbolt provides transfer speeds of 40Gbps compared to 10Gbps on USB 3.1 and 20Gbps on Thunderbolt 2. So, that’s pretty good. But I’m just getting you guys ready, because soon you may need to buy a new…everything for your setup!


DJI announced a new drone today called the Spark and it’s less than one pound. Yes it’s super small and the price is also…kinda small for a DJI drone anyways. It’s only $500. Of course Casey Neistat already got a hold of a prototype and compared its footage with the DJI Mavic. It actually only shoots in 1080p, no 4K in this one. The drone can take off right from your hand by a face recognition feature called ‘FaceAware.’ You can control the Spark with hand gestures, like for taking aerial 12 megapixel portraits. You also control it with a smartphone, but DJI isn’t clear what your gestures control and what your phone will…control, not yet anyways. There are also Intelligent Flight Modes for setting up cinematic shots and the DJI 4 App for editing and sharing. The drone only gets 16 minutes of flight time, but it charges with a Micro USB. It gets up to 31 miles per hour and will be shipping on June 15th in 5 colours??? WOOOOWWW!! Guys, there’s a cheaper DJI, what do you think?


And Microsoft has announced that Xbox Game Pass will launch on June 1st. It will start with 100 titles from Xbox One and Xbox 360 with backwards compatibility. Games like Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Mad Max, NBA 2K16 and a whole lot more. There will be new games added every month as well. Xbox Live Gold Subscribers have early access today and receive a 14-day trial. After that, it will cost $9.99 per month. Unlike PSNow, Xbox Game Pass allows you to download each game and play on your console rather than streaming over the cloud. So, if ya like Xbox, this whole thing sounds pretty rad. Call me crazy. Please don’t, I can only take so much.


Shorter News stories said more Quickly than the Others


Samsung has a new Gear 360 cam coming out tomorrow that’s even cuter than the DJI Spark and it will cost $49 when you buy the s8 or s8+. By itself it’s $229 and shoots 4K video and livestream-360 degree footage at 2K.


This coming fall, Apple will be launching free app-coding courses teaching app design through Swift. The full-year curriculum will be offered at 6 universities and you can download it now for free through the iBooks Store. Well, that’s pretty nice, Apple.


If you still play Pokemon Go or are hacking the game with bots, Niantic is on to you. The company may be using machine learning algorithms to detect bots in the system, and as a result, will surround you with no other Pokemon, but Pidgeys. I think I’d opt for the electric chair.


After RX Vega Frontier edition releases in June, the rest of RX Vega cards will release in July…maybe.


And Sony is discontinuing their midrange Xperia phones, the Xperia X and Xperia X compact devices, but the company is launching at least two flagship xperia phones before the end of the year.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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