Top Useful Tech for Students 2016!

Summer is almost over, so you know what that means. Its almost back to school time. *GASP* I KNOW RIGHT? But luckily for you, we are here to make your life as a student a little bit better with tech. This is Useful tech for students 2016!


First off, let’s talk about laptops. Every student needs one. Most of you who are first, second year or even third year students, might already have a old laptop that was passed on to you or showing its age and now you are looking to upgrade. Check out the Asus Vivobook E403S. The ASUS Vivobook line up means that the E403S will come with all the latest technologies and at an affordable price. Let’s take a look a quick tour: This 14in notebook comes with a brushed aluminum finish and has a 1080p screen with a matte finish, an intel pentium n3700 quad-core cpu clocked at 1.6ghz, 4gb of ram, 128gb of solid state storage. It will be able to handle all the essay writing, web surfing, even high def videos on youtube, vessel or your favourite streaming platform. Speaking of media consumption, the speakers are decently loud. Speaking of loud though, the E403s has fanless cooling so there won’t be any fan noise coming off the laptop. The E403s has a well spaced chiclet keyboard with a with a trackpad that offers a great tactile feedback. One downside is that the keyboard isn’t backlit, but you should be writing your essays in the dark either. In terms of ports it has an hdmi port, one usb3 port, one type C port, which is rare to see on a notebook in this price range, a headset port, a full sized sd card reader, a regular usb 2 port and a kensington lock. You may have noticed that there isn’t an ethernet port, but that’s where the USB type C port comes in. this port can pretty much be adapted into any port you want. If you really want wired interenet you can buy one of these: And finally the two most important factors for a student, battery life and weight. The E403s boasts a 14hour battery life and weighs only 3.3lbs at .7inches thick.  (Compare: thickest of a magazine on camera?) Overall at $600 bucks canadian this is a very good all around laptop that has all the latest tech plus you can carry around easily all day. To learn more or buy you can click here.


So you just got back from a long day of lectures, all you want to do is kick back and relax on the couch and play some games. Oh, whats that? You have a couch but you have nowhere to put your keyboard and mouse for some couch gaming? Well how about the lapdog from corsair?. Its basically a gaming platform that sits on your lap so that you have a surface to use your keyboard and mouse with and only 1 cable connect directly to your PC. The keyboard fits into the lapdog once you take off a few panels. The mouse pad surface has an effective area of 11 inches by 11 inches plus it has this little rails that keeps your mouse from going off of the lapdog.There is some cable management underneath the panels built into the lapdog so you have this clean layout. To get access to this you will need a hex tool, which corsair has graciously provided within the cushion of the lapdog. Speaking of the memory foam cushion – Yes memory foam, it attaches via magnets to the bottom of the lapdog so that you can easily transition from your lap to desktop gaming. There are some caveats though. You will need to have a corsair K65 or K70 to use the lapdog effectively. Also i would have liked a little bit more room to rest my wrist as there isn’t much real estate between you and the keyboard. But the lapdog does offer extra usb 3.0 ports on the right hand side. This is one of the best accessories to have if you want to be PC couch gaming.


Speaking of couches and dorm rooms. How about something for those times when you need to stumble out of bed to go get a glass of water? But you can’t be bothered to turn on the lights in fear that you may wake up your roommate. Well you need the Linke Nightguard elite. And no, it’s not just a night light. It also doubles as a removable, rechargeable flashlight. But that’s not the only feature of the nightguard. The night guard automatically turns on when the power fails so you’re not left fumbling around looking for a flashlight. The night guard also has motion sensors that activate when there is motion detected within 3 meters. The light shuts off automatically after 25 seconds of no movements.The nightguard will last 90 minutes on a full charge. Speaking of charging, to recharge the battery,  just dock it back into the included base. The nightguard output at 50 lumens as a nightlight and will output at 40 lumens as a flashlight.  And if you do need a night light, i won’t judge you. Click here to learn more.


What about when you want go outside and get some exercise? You know, maybe work off the freshman fifteen you gained or maybe you got a few 5k and 10k eggs to hatch on PokemonGo, hey i wont judge. So go outside and get active with the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness tracker. Its offers heart rate monitoring, step counter, and connects via bluetooth to your smart device. This newest iteration of the Mi Band 2 has an OLED display with a touch interface. It’s also IP67 rated for full dust protection and can even take some water punishment. The Mi band isnt just for fitness either. It can send you vibrations for notifications like messages or calls and it will even gently vibrate to tell you that you have been sitting for too long and that you need a quick walk. Best part is, if you’re like me and tend to forget to charge things, the battery life on the Mi band lasts for 20 days but your milage may vary. . Click here for more info!


But Jack, i hear you say, going outside to exercise is boring. What can i do about that? How about the Jaybird Freedom wireless headphones? No more running around trying to catch and hatch pokemon without music. The freedom offer a lot of features in addition to wireless music playback. You can take calls, control the music, use voice prompts and they’re sweat proof. The Freedom headphones connect through bluetooth and offer up to 8 hours of playtime. Not only do they come with comply foam ear tips, but they are include jaybird’s patented secure fit ear fins. Now i’ve been against wireless headphones most of my adult life, but the jaybird freedoms offer a natural sound signature, something similar to what wired headphones offer. And even if you dont like the default sound signature, the jaybird mysound app allows you to customize your sound settings to suit your personal tastes and be able to save them to the unit itself. The freedom wireless are definitely the best sounding wireless bluetooth headphones i’ve encountered. And there’s the added bonus of being able to use the carrying case as a coin purse!
That about wraps it up  for this episode of useful tech for students. If any of todays showcased products caught your eye or you just wanna learn more about these products, check the link down in the description. Thanks for watching click here for previous videos, check us out on twitter over here but as always, like the video, comment down below for fans with benefits and subscribe for more like this from NCIX. We’ll see you later!

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