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Twitch has been announcing new stuff left and right recently – a few days ago there was Pulse, a Facebook-like news feed, before that, the ability to buy the games you’re watching was announced for Spring. They’re keeping their momentum up today by announcing the Twitch Desktop App. Now, it’s not entireockly new – it’s mostly a rebranding of Curse, an existing app which offered text and voice chat, an in-game overlay, friend syncing across platforms and more, which was bought by Twitch last last summer. The new app adds Twitch features like Friends, Whispers, and will serve as a library for games bought through Twitch. The app launches March 16th, but 2 days before that, you can stream all 831 episodes of Power Rangers through Twitch’s new TV marathon channel, TwitchPresents. I don’t recommend you actually watch them all at once, though, because it will take 17 days. Oh, fun, Power Rangers all nighter! 17 of them? Party on! You could die. Bring it!


Oculus announced a couple things today, and one of them is NOT that they’ve convinced Palmer Luckey to take off his Oculus Rift and re-enter the real world. First, the company’s GearVR platform added the ability to stream VR gameplay directly to Facebook. So now your mom can comment on how well you’re doing in Wands, which is a game we all play. The other big thing is the addition of voice search to both the GearVR and Oculus Rift store platforms, so Rift owners no longer have to type with onscreen keyboards. Managing friend lists and other more complex voice functions will likely follow as well.


And Google has further fragmented their already confusing messaging services. The company’s Hangouts app is being split into Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. Meet is specialized for video-conferencing – users can simply share a link to up to 30 participants who can join the call from the web, the app, or even a dial-in phone number. Chat, meanwhile, takes up the text communication torch, but with a new format that supports multiple virtual rooms for different topics, threaded conversations, integration with Google’s G suite services, and searching with filters. Chat will also integrate with other services and bots, which should help Google compete directly with work-oriented chat apps like Slack. So now we got Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat, Allo, Duo, Google Messenger…Phone… Which is great. More ways to connect than ever. It’s a good thing.


It’s time for a Google-heavy QUICK BITS

The massive dump of CIA documents known as Vault 7 contained some Android exploits used to crack into phones, TVs, and cars, but Google said most of them have already been fixed. So.. You got nothing to worry about, man! It’s all in your head, bro!! Big Brother loves you, bro-town!

Those reCAPTCHA tests that tell if you’re a human or not are going to be less visible, because Google will be able to tell if you’re human or not just by detecting your user habits. So. There’s another Big Brother joke there, but I kinda used it already.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is suing Uber for allegedly using materials and code it stole to use in its own self-driving car research. Seems like Google’s being greedy, but, Uber’s CEO does seem like kind of a douchebro, so I wouldn’t put it past him.

In non-Google news, Quake Champions, the upcoming reboot of the franchise, will be Free to Play, sort of. You can play one character, Ranger, for free, in which case you can earn in-game currency and rent other characters to play, or buy the Champion pack and get unlimited access to all the characters. These characters all have specific abilities. Sounds kind of like Overwatch Deathmatch.

The public safety app formerly known as “Vigilante” is re-launching on iOS and Android as Citizen, allowing …citizens to report and monitor crimes and emergencies in real-time. And you get bonus experience points for tackling a purse-snatcher! That’s not true, please stay safe.

And at the Geneva International Motor Show, Chinese company Techrules unveiled the Ren, a hybrid electric supercar that recharges its batteries with up to 3 turbines. As in.. like a jet engine turbine. It’s just a concept, but am I the only one who’s curious to see what real-life Rocket League would result in? Haha! Probably death.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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