Ultra Small Intel Kaby Lake System

Intel has recently released their Kaby Lake processors but they still have some other products to showcase at CES 2017

They are showcasing a compute unit that actually has a full PC integrated into it. The reason why Intel wants to do this is similar to the Intel Stick PCs idea. They want to make PC form factors smaller to make implementations within devices simpler and cheaper. Within this mini-sized PC is Intel’s ultra-efficient 6 watt Kaby Lake vPro processor. Alongside it is memory modules and other components. Cooling is done through the 5-millimeter metal chassis and an internal heatsink. This device will likely accelerate development and acceptance of technology. It can be integrated within man items such as refrigerators due to its form factor once manufacturers open up compatibility.

Is the system good or not?

Overall, I believe that this compute unit system from Intel can pave computing power within our everyday devices. Fridges with touch screens can be more affordable yet it won’t lag when we use it. I say yes and hopefully, we will be seeing more of these in the future.


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