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Those rumors about a GTX 1070 Ti just got a little more real. Tech site Nordic Hardware have corroborated the leaked specs we talked about earlier this week, and have added that the card has a launch on October 26th. That date was again validated by German site Heise Online, adding that the 26th is a paper launch, with in-store availability on November 2nd. The 1070 Ti is rumored to sit at around 400 bucks US in terms of price, with performance in between the 1070 and 1080, obviously, since that’s where Radeon Vega sort of sits right now. Come on Nvidia, can’t you just let them have that? Like imagine if they had Ryzen + Threadripper AND Radeon do well? They work so hard.


The USB Implementers Forum, they’re a forum of Implementers, have released the specifications for USB 3.2. As if USB standards aren’t confusing enough, with USB 3, 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2, Type C, you get the picture. 3.2 increases the maximum data transfer speed to 2 gigaBYTES per second, up from 1 gigabyte per second in 3.1 Gen 2. Geez. The new max speed will only be achievable with USB Type C connectors, and even then, only with certain Type C connectors that have the SuperSpeed+ logo on the package. … I’m over this let’s just use FireWire.


And Elon Musk had a thing or two to tell us about Space at the International Astronautical Congress yesterday. SpaceX is working on a new, better rocket design called the BFR, which everyone is assuming means Big Fucking Rocket, classic Musk. The BFR would be used to transport cargo and passengers to Mars or the moon, but Musk also wants to use it to transport people anywhere else on Earth in 30 minutes or less. And if it takes longer, your pizza is free. Musk also laid out plans for Moon Base Alpha and Mars City, which he wants established by 2024 and hosting the Olympics by 2026. SpaceX isn’t alone in its Martian ambitions though, Lockheed Martin revealed details about it Mars Base Camp plan, which would involve an orbiting station that would send reusable landers to the Martian surface.


It’s time for Quick Bits! Okay?

The Marseille mCable is an HDMI cord that claims to make images sharper, and.. Actually does, apparently. Linus just put up a video about this, so go check it out.

Nintendo has basically banned anyone from live streaming its titles, not unless you want their lawyers on your case anyway, probably because the company can’t regulate and approve live video. People will probably be mad about this, but Nintendo has shown in the past that… Nintendo’s gonna do what Nintendo. That didn’t work.

The newly released SNES Classic Mini is just as hackable as the NES Mini, and that’s probably because they are pretty much exactly the same thing. Eurogamer did a teardown of both systems and confirmed the duplication, so… it shouldn’t be too long before you can get all the NES games on SNES and vice versa. Helps the out of stock situation, I’d imagine.

Reports of the iPhone 8 Plus’s battery expanding and causing the frame to bend are coming out of Taiwan and Japan, so hopefully, this isn’t a full-blown Galaxy Note 7 situation.

And if you were holding off purchasing Lawbreakers, the game is free to play this weekend, so hop on there if you want to make Cliff Bleszinski feel a little better.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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