USB-C certification for charging safety

When buying a phone charger, you want to safely charge up the phone without any harm. However, there were some reports over faulty USB-C chargers that burned phones. We are not talking about those third party cable makers. Even popular phone manufacturer found them troubled in bad cables and chargers.

To address the public concern over safe charging, the USB Implementers Forum announced a new logo and compliance program. The goal is to set standards and certifications to make sure the charger will not harm you and your phone.

USB-C certification

That is something I’d like to hear. Cell phone cable and charger have been in this grey area without any standards and quality assurance. When big companies like OnePlus messed up with their own chargers, you know something is not right. USB-C is quite different from all previous USB cables with a lot more new features. Before the market goes into chaos, certification is for sure needed.

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