V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphone Review

The first thing we talk about is the V-Moda Crossfade headphone looks. The appearance looks simply beautiful. There are many options for colors on the shields and the headphone. People can customize the shield to have a logo on it. On the manufacturer website, you can choose matte-red, gunmetal gray, etc. The build quality is solid. Crossfade uses a mix of hard plastic and metal. The combination of this and a battery for wireless connectivity means that its heavy and weighs at 290 grams. Long durations wearing it can make you feel like your head is being pushed down.

V-Moda Crossfade

The headband is flexible enough to not crush your head entirely. The earpads do an acceptable job when it comes to breathability. What it fails at is the thickness. When wearing it, your ears will be touching the drivers which are certainly not good. Imagine a megaphone right next to your ear. See? It’s going to hurt your eardrums.

Although Crossfade says it is a wireless headphone, it still has 3.5mm jack capability. For audio quality, it does pretty decently. On the bass end, it sounds full and powerful while on the high end, the details can be blurred. Audiophiles who values clarity or neutral sound, this might not fit your needs.

On to the Bluetooth capability. One downside when using it on Bluetooth is that it has audio degradation but it isn’t too significant. The degradation can be acceptable in most people’s eyes as nothing is as good as wired. Take internet connectivity for example. Ethernet is far more stable than Wifi. For battery life, it has a decent capacity where the user doesn’t have to worry about it every other minute. One gripe about this part is that there is no way to monitor battery percentage.

There are times when we want to skype somebody on the go so the Crossfade comes with microphones. The headphone has two microphones. One is in the 3.5 cable and the other is built directly in. Both of these are horrendous. They sound so bland that people might think you are speaking in a monotone. For $30, you can get a sweeper mic from V-Moda. This mic is far better and more versatile.

Overall, this headphone has what most people want. Aesthetics, good audio quality and wireless connectivity.

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