Valve making ‘full’ VR games, Intel 8th gen details, AI’s fight each other

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Yesterday, Valve held a media roundtable at its HQ in Bellevue, Washington yesterday, and made a number of intriguing announcements. First off, the company is working on 3 new VR games, which Valve boss Gabe Newell described as full-fledged, in-depth games rather than the tech demos that have flooded VR marketplaces. Lord Gaben didn’t say much more about the games, other than that they’re being built using both Unity and Valve’s own Source 2 engine. The other big announcement, other than the fact that Valve doesn’t like consoles, because of course, they don’t, is that the company is killing off its Steam Greenlight program. Under the new program, called Steam Direct, any and all developers will be able to publish their game on Steam, provided they fill out some paperwork and pay a fee, which could be anywhere from 200 to 5 thousand bucks per game. This should keep out any trolls or con-men, because only real, hard-working indie game developers would have enough money for that. Cuz they work so hard.


Intel also had some things to announce yesterday at their annual investor briefing. Where Intel’s 7th gen chips topped out at about a 15% performance increase over 6th gen chips, the company says its 8th-gen chips should see at least a 15% bump in performance. The first 8th-gen chips on mobile platforms, codenamed Cannonlake and built on the 10nm process, will reportedly start entering the market in the 2nd half of this year. Desktop 8th-gen chips, codenamed Coffee Lake and built on a 14nm process, will come after that. So. Not much to take away from this except that Intel’s new process architecture optimization schedule is more like process architecture optimization optimization optimization, am I RIGHT?! Haha.


Humans are getting better and better at building and testing AI – so what happens when you make 2 of those AIs fight, to the death? Or just for fun? The people at Google DeepMind pitted AI agents against each other in 2 different video games to see if they would fight or work together. The first game involved both AIs gathering apples from a central pile, but either could zap the other with a laser to temporarily disable their opponent. The researchers found that the agents didn’t zap each other until apples became scarce, until a more powerful AI was added, that zapped its opponent regardless of how many apples there were. The second game involved 2 players hunting a third in an obstacle-filled environment. Here, the more powerful AI was more likely to work together with its partner to find its prey. The researchers say the big takeaway from this study is that AI agents change their behavior based on the rules they’re faced with. And I say the big takeaway is that this is how the world ends. With robots playing Mario Party.


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Twitch has just launched a new feature, in beta, called Communities – A discovery tool to help streamers connect to the most relevant audiences and help viewers discover more streams aligned with their interests. It’s basically like subreddits, but on Twitch.

Reviews for Google’s co-designed LG Watch Sport and Style went up this week, with the consensus being that people are still confused about whether anyone actually needs a full-blown smartwatch. Does that temper my desire for one though? Not really.

Reviews are also out for Samsung’s flagship Chromebook Pro, with the consensus there being that it would be really awesome if Android apps weren’t so buggy. But Samsung has until the laptop’s launch in April to fix them, so hopefully, this device has a better repair history than the Note 7.

EVGA debuted their new ICX GPU cooling tech today, which has temperature sensors distributed across the PCB to run its dual fans at different speeds according to the need for cooling. So you can stay frosty both figuratively AND literally.

The embattled former co-founder of Hyperloop One, Brogan BramBrogan… Cool name, pretty cool – has launched a new hyperloop-based company called Arrivo, with other former Hyperloop One members, including Knut Sauer and Jadon Smith.

And Facebook slash Oculus is apparently working on glove controllers for VR, which are likely a continuation of a project in development at Pebbles Interfaces, which Oculus acquired last year. I could make a Facebook poke joke here, but I won’t. But I guess I already did.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.


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