WannaCry hero arrested

If you have a memory slightly better than that of a goldfish, you no doubt remember the catastrophic ransomware attack that struck the globe in May. The virus, known as WannaCry, was prevented from spreading and doing even more damage by the efforts of Marcus Hutchins, a blogger and developer who goes by MalwareTech online. But now, Hutchins has been arrested by the FBI after attending the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas. The Department of Justice has indicted the 23-year-old UK native of creating and selling the Kronos trojan virus, a popular tool used by hackers to steal banking information. If convicted, Hutchins could spend up to 40 years in jail, but, cybersecurity and legal experts are questioning the validity of the charges, as the actual evidence for Hutchin’s crimes seems scarce. But wouldn’t you expect that? A good hacker covers his tracks. That’s one of the many things I learned from the hit 2008 cyber thriller Untraceable starring Diane Lane…. Lemme know if you’ve seen this movie in the comments, because to tell the truth I haven’t.


The launch of AMD’s Threadripper is close at hand, and the hype is heating up. The latest development is a leak, perpetrated by the websites of ASUS, Gigabyte, and ASRock, which listed the unannounced Threadripper 1920, on their motherboard’s CPU support pages. The only Threadripper CPUs announced so far are the 1950X, 1920X, and 1900X – this new 1920, no X, appears to be the same as the 1920X spec-wise, save for slightly lower clocks and TDP. If you are aiming to pick up one of the new chips, you’d probably be best off picking up a new cooler, as well – while AMD has provided a list of current coolers that will be compatible with Threadripper, Gamers Nexus has pointed out that because the chip is so large, existing coolers might not cover it effectively. Go check out their video and article to get all the details, and to marvel at Steve’s hair.


And PC gamers will finally get access to the Destiny 2 beta on August 28th, but our experience will be a liiittle sweeter. The changes based on player feedback during the console beta will be implemented in the PC beta, plus, there’ll be a new PvP map, Javelin-4, for players to try out. The downside is, Bungie is being kind of stingy with support for screen recording and chat software. Tools like OBS, Xsplit, and Fraps will not work in full-screen mode, but hardware capture solutions like Elgato or AverMedia cards will. You should be able to run those apps in windowed or Borderless mode, however. Voice apps like Discord and Mumble won’t be able to use their on-screen overlays, either. The restrictions are apparently a measure to prevent third-party apps inserting code into the beta which could enable cheating. Oh, Bungie, you don’t understand. Wall-hacks and aimbots are part of the PC gamer lifestyle. They’ll get in there eventually. Cheating… finds a way.


The thing is… it’s time for Quick Bits. so.

Intel’s Coffee Lake lineup will include a quad-core Core i3 8300 WITH hyperthreading, if a screenshot posted online is to be believed, which… they sometimes are, but also not, so sprinkle some salt.

MSI and Gigabyte have made the interesting decision to release a couple of X299 motherboards intended solely for use with Kaby Lake-X CPUs, with 4 DIMM slots, since that’s all that Kaby Lake-X supports. I guess… if you really want your motherboard to say X299 on it, these will do ya, but.. Otherwise, it’s confusing. If you don’t know why, watch my X299 video.

I probably shouldn’t even be telling you this, but AMD’s upcoming RX Vega GPUs will apparently be great for cryptocurrency mining, with impressive hash rates between 70 and 100 mega hashes per second. But … can you just buy one, if you’re gonna buy any? Please?

Lenovo is following its subsidiary, Motorola, in stripping its custom UI out of its phones, only installing pure Android going forward. The company says they’re making the move because customers asked for it. Wow. Very big of them.

Add Google to the list of companies copying Snapchat, as the Wall Street Journal reports the web giant is developing media content similar to Snapchat’s Discover feature, where publishing partners produce swipeable stories.

And Elon Musk invented and patented the concept of a Hyperloop, then made it open source – and now Musk is going to build his own, competing with the handful of existing Hyperloop startups. He says he will let them use the Hyperloop name as long as they are truthful. So… you basically can’t built a slip’n’slide and call it a Hyperloop. Ya just.. It’ snot.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.


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