Watch Dogs 2 revealed, Lenovo’s Project Tango phone, Sega’s VR Arcade

Ubisoft has taken the wraps off of the sequel to their open world hacking game, Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs 2 features a new protagonist, Marcus Holloway, a young member of the hacker group Dedsec. He was falsely accused of a crime, so now he’s fighting the MAN, man. The game also moves its setting from Chicago to San Francisco, but players will be able to explore the surrounding area as well, including Oakland, Marcus’ hometown, and Silicon Valley. Where the previous game limited potential hacking targets, Watch Dogs 2 will apparently let you hack every civilian, vehicle, or gadget you come across. Let’s hope Marcus has a bit more personality than the incredibly bland Aiden Pearce from the first game. I mean, his signature weapon is a pool ball on a tether, he’s GOTTA be interesting. Right? [Also, Ubisoft thinks they’ve really nailed the whole “hacker culture” thing this time around. (clip)]


Sega is tired of working on the next Sonic vs Mario at the Olympics, so they’re working with Australian company Zero Latency on a large-scale, multiplayer VR arcade. The two companies will open a warehouse-sized center at the Joypolis amusement park in Tokyo. Players will don VR equipment, including a headset, PC backpack, and a weapon, and will be able to move around in a huge space with other players, shooting zombies, and… only zombies, if the trailers are any indication. Let’s hope they make some other more inspiring experiences. And that one player doesn’t get confused and melees his friend as a joke.


Lenovo is set to unveil its first phone tomorrow with Project Tango, but the device was leaked ahead of the official event. Project Tango is Google’s advanced spatial depth sensing and mapping technology, announced in 2014. If the leaks are anything to go by, the phone is called the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro. It has a 6.4 inch display and a rear-mounted fingerprint reader alongside the 3 cameras that enable the Tango functionality. Regardless, we’ll get the full story tomorrow at Lenovo Tech World 2016, alongside some new Motorola phones. Then, we can 3D map ALL the things.


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Intel has released their first Broadwell-EX Xeon processor, the E7 v4, with 24 cores, 48 threads, and 60 megabytes of cache. Keep your pants on though, because you probably can’t afford it. Just so we’re clear.

Chinese company Ehang has gotten approval from the Nevada government to test their passenger quadcopter in the state. Everyone’s calling it a “passenger drone”, but is this not… just a helicopter? I mean it’s fancy helicopter, but…. Anyways.

Rainbow Six Siege will be following Overwatch’s lead and permanently banning cheaters after their first offense. What do you guys think about zero tolerance for cheating? Let us know in the comments.

Deus Ex developer Eidos-Montreal is working with prosthetics company Open Bionics to create mechanical arms inspired by the game, the designs of which will be free for anyone to use.

Speaking of Deus Ex, that franchise will also get a mobile “Deus Ex: Go” game, like Hitman and Lara Croft before it.

News sources for all of today’s stories can be found in the forum post linked in the description.


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