Waterproof Galaxy S7, Lead Writer Leaves Mass Effect Andromeda, Fallout 4 DLC

A bunch of features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 have been confirmed! The confirmation comes via the official Samsung Indonesia launch commercial. The video clip shows the archer Dellie working out, charging the device wirelessly. Then it cuts to her training in the rain with the S7 out. Yup, the S7 being waterproof is confirmed, most likely with a rating of IP68. But this might not even be its final form. If we couple these features with the rumoured SD expansion, the S7 will definitely be a formidable flagship.

The lead writer for Mass Effect Andromeda has left Bioware. Yes, Chris Schlerf, has confirmed his departure from Bioware Montreal through a series of tweets. Schlerf says that working at Bioware has been one of the best experiences of his career and now, he’s very happy to be back in Seattle working with a scrappy little company called Bungie. HOLY CRAP. The inner guardian in me is excited because just last week Bungie announced a full Destiny sequel next year. So like, the Destiny story might actually be worth paying attention to this time.

Bethesda just announced the deets on its DLC schedule for Fallout 4. Originally Bethesda said in September, that the season pass would be $30 and that the DLC would be worth at least $40 and if they do more, you would get all of it with the seasons pass. But now, they’re saying that they have plans for more than $60 worth of content added on this year, so the season’s pass pricing will increase. The fall out 4 season pass will go from $30 to $50, but for those of you who who have the seasons pass already or buy it before March first, it will stay at $30.  The three DLC’s that will be included for the pass will be Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbour.

You know what time it is, Lightning Round!


Apple is set to issue a fix for the iPhone where if you set the date to Jan 1970, your phone would brick.

Speaking of Apple, Apple pay is set to launch in China this Thursday, February 18th.

During an interview, gamestop CEO Paul Raines mentioned that the playstation VR headset could ship this fall.

The Coleco Chameleon retro console is looking to start its kickstarter campaign on Feb 26th after failing to get funded on Indiegogo

Sony’s new 4k HDR Ultra hD tv’s are now up for preorder. MSRP is anywhere from $2500 for the 55 inch to $8000 for the 75 inch