My Cloud Mirror Western Digital NAS Review

Realizing HardwareCanucks need a proper backup solution for their videos, they decided to check out the My Cloud Mirror, a RAID 1 configuration with dual WD RED drives for active redundancy and cloned information. The configuration they received is an 8TB solution with dual 4TB drives, thus giving users 4TB of usable capacity at RAID 1. Overall there’s plenty that we love about WD My Cloud but is it as user-friendly as they say? Let’s find out.

To start it off, the My Cloud Mirror comes at various prices but starting at $309 USD for 4TB storing capability. At the front of the NAS drive, there are three LED light indicators. One for power and the other two for the drives. The top gives ample ventilation for the drives and actually is the point of entry for them. Users can change the RAID mode from JBOD, Spanning, RAID 0 & RAID 1. RAID 1 is the safest as they duplicate the information on two drives instead of one. The IO ports at the back are two USB 3.0 ports, one ethernet port, a power cable port and a Kensington lock hole. One special hole at the back can reset the NAS if there is something wrong with a needle.

One special part about this NAS is the software. The software needs to be refined but people can access this NAS wherever they are as long as they have internet and permissions. You can set automatic backups for your PC and phone. Great job Western Digital.

One problem that pulls this product down is the software. Users need three separate software to fully use this. If Western Digital makes this into a 3-in-1 suite, it will be wonderful.


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