When will you phone get Android Marshmallow update?

So if you have a Nexus phone, you will immediate receive the 6.0 updates. How about other popular android phones?

Here is a summary according to recent news over the Internet:



1st quarter of 2016 according to a company blog post.


Galaxy Note 4 and all models this year (S6, S6 edge, Note 5 etc) will first get the update. However, you know it will still take quite some time cuz Samsung need to re-modify it.


Moto is already testing 6.0 on Moto X Pure edition. We can expect Moto be one of the earliest launchers for 6.0.


LG’s update is a bit tricky due to channels and carrier related matters. But it should be faster than Samsung.


Z3+, Z4 Tablet, C4, C5 ultra, M4 aqua and M5 will have 6.0 update along the way 1st, followed by rest models.


M9 and M8 will get update very soon, followed by all other models in the past 2 years in early 2016.


Well Nexus 6P will come with 6.0 by default. Honor series models will prepare update by Feb 2016. All other models have no ETA yet.