Windows 7’s Start Menu in windows 10? Again from Classic Shell

I love to try new things everyday except for one thing: A windows that does not have a classic Windows 7 start menu.

If you ask me why I have not upgraded to Windows 10 yet, I can tell you that the single determining factor is that I hate a new windows that does not have the identical start menu as Windows 7.


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Before Windows 10, Classic Shell have helped many of us by returning classic start menu back in Windows 8/8.1 . Today they did the same thing again for Windows 10. The latest release of Classic Shell will support Microsoft’s latest operating system and replace the new start menu with the classic ones.


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So you can choose from either Windows 7 or Windows XP style start menu. Once you installed Classic Shell, you next click on the start menu will do nothing. What you need to do is to click again and you will be brought to Classic Shell’s setting page. Once you choose what you like and apply, you are good to go. You even have option to alter the look of the start menu too if you have the interest to do so.

Tonight I guess I am going to finally upgrade to Windows 10 since Microsoft secretly made it mandatory as part of the Windows 7 auto update.


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