Wireless VR modules, Overclockable Core i3 7350K, Samsung buys Harman

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We just released our MSI VR One backpack PC review this morning, but in the news today are a couple stories about different solutions to the VR tether problem, namely, making VR wireless. First, HTC has put up an accessory for the Vive on their website, called the TPCast, for around 220 bucks US. It attaches to the top of the Vive’s headstrap, with a battery held in the back, and apparently can get you 1.5 hours of wireless play time. The device was only up for pre-orders on the Chinese version of the site until it sold out, but global availability could be coming soon. In the meantime, researchers at MIT are working on a prototype known as MoVR, which would attach to any VR headset to enable wireless functionality. Those wireless VR dongles came before backpack PCs even had a chance. It’s ok, Lampy. It’s ok.

A price list for upcoming CPUs from Intel has shown a Core i3 chip with overclocking capability. The leak listed a number of parts from Intel’s Kaby Lake desktop line, but the most interesting was the Core i3-7350K, what could be the first i3 with an unlocked multiplier. The 7350K also supports hyperthreading, with 2 cores and 4 threads, and a boost clock of 4.2GHz. The price listed is $177 bucks US, not bad for an overclockable, multithreaded chip. Looks like the rumors of AMD’s Zen has got Intel shakin’ their boots, uuuuuh! Hahah. That’s your face, Intel. Ha.

And Samsung has announced it’s moving forward with the acquisition of US audio company Harman for 8 billion dollars. Bucks. Greenbacks. It’s the largest acquisition Samsung has ever made, and they’re making it for the expansion capability it would provide them in the automotive market, FYI, that means cars. Harman owns a number of well-known brands that produce audio parts for cars, including Harman Kardon, AKG, JBL, and the NBA, except that last one, that’s not true.

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A Twitter user posted a photo of his PS4 Pro, apparently showing burn damage. #meltgate is now spreading on Twitter, but it appears this is the only case so far, so let’s just evaluate the evidence first. This is a post-Galaxy Note 7 world, that’s for sure.

Videocardz has gotten their hands on leaked info suggesting the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti could be coming soon with 10GB of VRAM, that is nasty.

The PowerWatch is a new fitness band that powers itself using your body heat, sucking your life force away so while you think you’re exercising, you’re really feeding the dark power that lives inside a totem you’re wearing on your body, so I don’t think this is a good idea.

Toys ‘R’ US Canada has apparently leaked the price for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s 329 Canadian, which is roughly 244 US. Seems a little low… so is the battery sucky, or… maybe Nintendo just feels bad about the Wii U. Please buy this.

Watch Dogs 2 is out tomorrow for consoles, but the multiplayer mode will have to wait – Ubisoft has just discovered some issues with the mode, so they’ll be delaying its release until they can work out a patch.

And Seagate has launched some pretty large portable hard drives, sporting 5TB capacities. And it’s covered with aluminum. So.. flashy.

News sources for all of today’s stories can be found in the forum post linked in the description.


What is fast but doesn’t move? A Solid State Drive! PPPPPFFFFFFSssshhhhhhhhhh Very true though. Nice joke.

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