Wireless VR, Triple Display Notebooks, New SHIELD TV – CES 2017 Highlights!

So we’re back from CES. It was fun, it was fast, it was fatiguing. We still have a ton of footage to get through and edit, so the rest of our CES videos will be going up throughout this week, so stay tuned for those. But in this, our first Netlinked of 2017, we’re gonna round up the highlights of the show. And a couple lowlights for good measure. Because life isn’t all applesauce and donut holes, ok. I don’t know where you got that idea.


LOTS to talk about! Here we go.

Wireless virtual reality is pretty much a done deal now, with at least 3 different options being shown off last week. The most prominent was TPCast, a module that attaches to the Vive’s strap, offering 2 hours of run time and less than 2ms of added latency. It’s expected to launch in Q2 for $249 US. Rivvr, that’s RIVVR, is another wireless dongle for the Vive – it’s got more latency, at 11ms, but it’s expected to launch this spring for $199. And finally, KwikVR is a hip-mounted solution compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but it’s also got around 12ms of latency and a higher price tag at 300 bucks.


Nvidia did NOT announce the GTX 1080 Ti, as so many were expecting – instead they announced a new smaller and more powerful SHIELD Android TV, with a redesigned controller. Ok, it’s kind of cool – Google Assistant is baked in, so you can control not only your entertainment but also smart-home functions, as the new SHIELD can do anything Google Home does. You can also get the Nvidia Spot, a mic and speaker device that plugs into a wall outlet and connects to the SHIELD TV to offer Google Assistant services, a la the Amazon Echo Dot. Nvidia also finally brought its Geforce Now streaming service to PC and Mac, meaning you no longer need a SHIELD device to play on, but you have to buy the games and then also pay to play them. So. Still would’ve preferred the 1080 Ti though.


Razer went all-out at CES again and announced a triple-display notebook. Project Valerie is just a concept right now – its 3 17 inch 4K screens don’t actually fold up or anything – but it was real pretty to look at. Razer’s other big prototype, Project Ariana, was a projector that surrounds your monitor or TV with peripheral visuals from your game. Both Razer Projects are experimental, and were such hot items at the show that they were both stolen from the company’s booth, as CEO Min-Liang Tan reported on Facebook. So. If you see anybody trying to sell a triple-screened laptop on Craigslist.. Give him a call.


Alright, we gotta get through the rest of these real quick, so I GUESS, this is quick bits.

The LG Signature 4K OLED W series TV has almost nonexistent bezels and is just 2.57mm thick. That’s almost as thin as a credit card. It offloads processing to its soundbar companion via a single cable, though, so I wouldn’t give the TV too much credit. It’s all beauty, no brains.

Honda showed off its Riding Assist technology, which allows a motorbike to stay upright by itself, even while stationary, and with self-driving car tech, follow people around. In case you just want it as like a pet, you don’t even want to ride it. Like you captured this bike in the wild and you’ve tamed it. And it’s too majestic to ride, that would be disrespectful. Anyways.

Intel’s new Compute Card is like its Compute Stick – it’s a full computer, but even smaller, and will be inserted into “dumb” electronics like monitors and TVs to make them full PCs. It’s mainly going to be for business use, but it’s cool to see a swappable credit-card sized PC regardless.

Faraday Future, the big scary Tesla competitor, had a major gaffe on stage when its FF 91 prototype failed to drive off stage on cue. So. That was awkward. Heh.

The ASUS Zenfone AR is the world’s first phone to have both Google Project Tango AND Daydream VR capability, and Jack did a quick video on it at CES, so click the link in the corner for that.

Blackberry’s first post-Blackberry phone, codenamed “Mercury”, was shown off by its real manufacturer, TCL. But it just doesn’t feel the same. I miss you, Blackberry. No I don’t. But I’m sure some people do. Maybe.

And similarly, HMD Global, which now owns the rights to release Nokia phones, will release the first Nokia Android phone, the Nokia 6, this year, but only in China. China gets all the cool stuff.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.


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Alright, that’s it for Netlinked daily, thank you so much for watching. Click HERE for our CES coverage, check us out on Twitter, like the video if you liked it, comment below for fans with benefits and subscribe for more videos like this from NCIX. Hoo. Now I gotta get some rest. Hopefully, next CES somebody invents batteries for PEOPLE, am I right? hehehehehehe

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