Withings’ fitness tracker look awesome

We have seen lots of fitness / activity trackers on the market today. However, I have not found any of them attractive until I saw Withings’ Steel HR this morning. It is simply amazing!

Withings' fitness tracker

Yes! that black “watch” is indeed the fitness tracker you are getting.  French-based company Withings may sound unfamiliar, but their ambition is there if you check out their website. Unlike most companies in the fitness tech industry, Withings decide to go with classic analog style rather than the futuristic digital look for their fitness trackers. I love how simple but elegant these watches are designed. Just by one look, they caught my eyes. If no one tells me this is a fitness tracker, my first impression is a designer brand Swiss watch.


Withings' fitness tracker

As much as I call this a fitness tracker, it gets all the extra functions a smartwatch could offer you and more! 2 months ago, I was so attempted to buy Samsung Gear S2. However, one thing that dragged me for months is the battery. I hate the fact that I have to charge smart watches frequently. I was stuck between Pebble and Samsung; don’t know what to buy.

Now, my problem is solved. Steel HR will be available on Oct. 1st, 2016; however, there is no price information yet.


Get informed once Steel HR is available

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