World of Warcraft 7.0: Legion unveiled by Blizzard


On Thursday, Blizzard unveiled World of Warcraft’s latest expansion: Legion at Gamescom.

This is either the best news or worst news to WoW players. We never had a MMO game that lasted 10 years. We never had an ancient game since 2004 that still have 7.5 million subscribers worldwide. And there is no other game that walked us through our 20’s to 30’s.


When WoW first came out in Nov. 2004, I was 2nd year in College. Back in that time, as you may all know, my PC was full of games. I remember I had at least 10-15 games in my hard drive that I used to play daily. However, this one game changed all. 24 hours after I installed WoW, it became the only game left in my PC. AND it stayed there for 6 years till I removed it in 2010 after my guild took down the Lich King.


To many players like me who started wow since vanilla and quit somewhere down the road, this is bad news. Because we cannot go back and play WoW like we used to do 10 years ago, but this new expansion is so damn good. However, for those who never quit or joined later, this is the blessing from Azeroth.


So what’s new in this New Expansion? (The story is basically Burning Crusade 2.0)

  • New Class: Demon Hunter (hell yea!!! this was rumored since 2009)
  • Level Cap increased to 110
  • New map in Outland: The broken isles
  • New instances and raids (The Emerald Nightmare)
  • Artifacts and Class Orders

Will you roll back and re-activate your subscription? My fellows from both Horde and Alliance.