X399 NVME Raid Support

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Attention viewers of Netlinked Daily! Today is an unusual day. To say the least. If you are curious about what’s going on with this channel, and to find out who one this month’s Fans with Benefits, stay tuned until after the tech news.  For everyone else, let’s get to it!


So since we have lots to talk about other than tech news today, all the stories are going to be part of one big QUICK BITS. BEGIN!


AMD has finally launched their promised support for NVME RAID on the X399 platform a week later than anticipated. RAID modes 0, 1, and 10 will now be available with up to 10 NVME SSDs, although you’ll probably have to update your motherboard’s firmware first.


After having its drones barred from service in the US Army and Navy because of security concerns, DJI has added a new privacy feature called Local Data Mode. It will stop all internet connectivity and will preserve flight logs and GPS information on the drone itself. You’ll need a password to start up and power down the drone. DJI hopes the US Army will notice the change, although the US Army is totally ghosting them right now so they’re not sure.


The Dark Souls but with Samurai game Nioh is coming to PC as Nioh: The Complete Edition, so you can rage-quit and throw your controller at a display running at full 4K resolution.


Microsoft finally figured out no one was using Groove Music, so they’ve partnered with Spotify to make it easy for Groove Music subscribers to move their playlists to the more popular platform. The service is fully shutting down by December 31st, so sorry, Groove fans.


Sony has announced a refresh of the Playstation VR headset, with a more streamlined design to better hide cables, and support for HDR pass through, so you don’t have disconnect the processing box to enjoy HDR-compatible PS4 content. Thank goodness.


Scientists at Harvard and MIT have developed smart tattoos that will be able to integrate health sensors to do things like let diabetics know when they need insulin, for example. What I think’d be cool is to create like a mood ring tattoo, that could let everyone know if you’re happy or sad or angry, stuff like that!


Making tiny versions of old consoles is all the rage, so we’re going to get the C64 Mini next year, a shrunken down Commodore 64 with a bunch of classic games installed. I think they should do, the Game Boy next. (breath)


And cool PC mech combat game Hawken is shutting down. The game has been available as a free-to-play title on Steam since 2014. The console versions will keep going, though, as they only launched last year.


And speaking of shutting down, oh wait! Fans with Benefits! The prize for this month was a G.Skill Ripjaws ___ and the winner is! Drumroll please!!! … Oh right. There’s no one else here anymore. Craig McAnuff! Congratulations sir! And I’m glad to hear the joke worked, even though it shouldn’t because it was bad. Check your YouTube inbox for instructions on how to claim your prize, the link for that will be in the description.


Right, now, the meat of this episode. Hm. Well, there’s no easy way to say this, but – today will be the last Netlinked Daily episode… For a while. As you guys obviously have seen, the rest of the NCIX Tech Tips team has left, and I’ve decided it is time for me to move on as well. Sort of. For the foreseeable future, I’m going to continue making videos for NCIX Tech Tips. They’re just not going to be as frequent as they’ve been, it’s probably going to be around 1 a week. With the rest of my time, I’m going to be pursuing other projects and things that I’m passionate about, including videos for my own personal channel, which you can subscribe to by clicking the I in the corner – I haven’t put any videos up on it yet, but I hope to sometime this week. And I’ll also be hosting a web series, which I hope to tell you guys about when it’s ready.


As I continue to make those videos for NCIX, you’re probably going to see some other people start to make content for this channel, maybe continuing Netlinked Daily, or some other type of awesome content. I felt incredibly welcomed when I started on this channel, even though Linus gave me a pretty hard time in the beginning. So I hope, when you eventually see some new faces on NCIX Tech Tips, you’ll be nice. I know Internet comments are internet comments, but, just try to be nice. If you want to know when that web series is going up or just want to tell me how much of a doofus you think I am, you can follow me on twitter, subscribe to my youtube channel, you can even follow me on Instagram if you want, although I post there about once every 3 years or so.


So, with that said, It’s time for me to sign off this episode of Netlinked Daily, possibly, for the last time. But who knows. We must ride the winds of change, my friends. For better or for worse.


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