Xbox One Oculus Streaming, Radeon RX 490, Pokemon Go Tracker FINALLY

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Microsoft announced today that the ability to stream Xbox One games to an Oculus Rift VR headset would arrive December 12th. The company first demoed this setup in 2015, allowing you to play regular Xbox One games in a virtual reality home theater environment, but this is the first time we’re seeing it go live to consumers. To take advantage of the new feature, you’ll need an Xbox One console, a Rift headset and a Windows 10-powered PC to run it. Now if only Microsoft could get cracking on the streaming from PC to console thing. That’s the goal, guys. I mean this is cool, but

WCCFtech is claiming they’ve received reports that MAD is going to not only announce, but also launch, the Radeon RX 490 in December – on the very same day, in fact. This information is based on the Zauba shipping database listing for a card roughly double the price of the 480, leading to the speculation that it might be yet another dual-GPU card from AMD, using two Polaris 10 chips. Which is always cool, but not if the games industry continues its trend of diminishing support for multi-GPU setups. On the plus side, AMD appears to have grabbed some market share from Nvidia in the graphics card segment. Nvidia still has 70%, but that’s down from 81 percent last year, while AMD went from 18% to 30%. I just feel like I had to balance out the meh news with the yeh news.

And Niantic Labs DOES care about us! Maybe! Pokemon Go has finally pushed the Pokestop-based tracking system that residents of San Francisco have had for a while now out to other areas, including all US states west of the Mississipi River, a number of Canadian provinces and the whole of Australia. And the little feet are back. How I’ve missed them. Niantic also released the last non-Legendary Pokemon from Generation 1, Ditto, into the game. But catching it isn’t so simple – Ditto assumes the forms of other Pokemon, so it’s basically the luck of the draw to see if that Pidgey you caught is really another Pokemon that isn’t super lame. Oh, and plus, until November 30th, you get double XP and Stardust for in-game actions. So. Maybe it’s time to put your trainer hat back on. For like… a week.

It’s time for!….. QUICK BITS.

Razer’s OSVR headset is now officially supported by Steam, with around 200 games currently supporting the device. So that’s exciting for…  a few people, I’d imagine.

Speaking of Steam, the Steam Autumn Sale is now on, along with the first annual Steam Awards. Users can vote for their favorite games in some unusual categories, like the “I’m not Crying, There’s something in my Eye” award. Plus you get XP for nominating games. Hey Valve. I nominate Half Life 3 for the “Why Won’t you Make this Fucking Game” Award.

Hackers! They could spy on us through our headphones now, because Israeli researchers figured out a way to repurpose headphone speakers as a microphone. So you might wanna unplug your headphones when you’re not using them, or just leave. The country.

People keep thinking of new ways to crash their friend’s iPhones for some reason, and the latest is a video link that just needs to be played in order to freeze the device. It’s just a prank bro.

And researchers in Florida have developed a process for creating flexible batteries that can charge in seconds and last for days. So.

News sources for all of today’s stories can be found in the forum post linked in the description.

MAAAAAARRRRKKK NUUUUUUUTTTTT ! I didn’t know what that was… and now I do. And hopefully, you do too.

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