Xiaoyi’s New Camera: Best Action Camera at Its Price

Xiaoyi launched their second action camera, and they called it “Yi Action Camera”. Also, Xiaoyi announced that this is the “best action camera ever. Period”.


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4K is the main feature of Xiaoyi’s new action camera. It builds with the latest Ambarella A9SE processor, Sony IMX 377 image sensor, and 7 layers of all glass lenses. Besides, it offers 4K/30fps video shooting at 60mbps, 4 times quality of 1080p. Therefore, it absolutely reaches a new height of action camera.

Of course, they do have a phone App. The Yi action camera app allows you to view and edit your photos/videos on the App directly. It is simple enough for beginners to use, but designed for professional output.

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Xiaoyi’s latest action camera is not waterproof. It might make many Xiaoyi fans disappointed. However, a free waterproof case is included in the international version. Besides, there is another version that included free selfie and Bluetooth remote but excluded waterproof case. Thus, you do not need to spend exact money on other accessories.

Battery life is important. Yi camera 2 offers two-hour battery life. It means 120 minutes 4K video recoding. For comparison, GoPro Hero4 only provides 65 minutes 4K video shooting. In this case, Yi camera 2 definitely has a great performance.

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At $389.99 CAD, Xiaoyi offers a pretty good price for action cameras. 4K resolution and free waterproof case are great selling points. It is a reasonable price for action camera fans. Also, Xiaoyi’s new action camera provides three color options: night black, pearl white and rose gold. Well, the first Yi Camera only offers a yellow cover version.

Overall, Yi Action Camera 2 absolutely is the Xiaoyi’s best camera so far. However, compare with their first action camera, Yi 4K Camera got a huge improvement. There is no doubt that it is the best action camera at its price on the market.

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