Youtube RED Movies and Shows, DOOM Release Date, Logitech G810 Keyboard

YouTube Red will be premiering their “originals” content next week on February 10th. Youtube Red subscribers can expect to see new series and movies from some of the top creators. A trip to unicorn island, dance camp, Lazer Team and scare pewdiepie are just some of the shows you’ll be able to catch on Youtube red. Too bad it’s not in Canada though, because Lazer team looks like one funny movie.

Great news for Doom fans out there. Bethesda and ID Software announced in a trailer today that on Friday, May 13th the new Doom hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The trailer is pretty gory, not gonna lie, but it’s kind of fitting they chose Friday the 13th to launch the game. Pre-orders are up right now. The standard edition will cost $60 and the collector’s edition will cost $120. The collector’s edition comes with everything the standard edition does, PLUS a 12 inch LED lit statue of a revenant demon. Are you guys excited for doom? leave a comment.

And Logitech released their latest gaming keyboard, it’s the G810 Orion Spectrum. It’s got RGB light and just in case you weren’t sure, yes, it is a mechanical keyboard with Romer G switches, just like the G910 orion spark but the G810 has a more conventional keyboard shape compared to the G910 and regular dome shaped keycaps. Jack personally thinks it’s quite nice. But I think the best part is that for a limited time beginning on February 8th, if you buy one of either the G410, G810 or G910 keyboards, you get a copy of Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Its time for Snippy Snippets


There’s now a trailer that dives a bit deeper into Faith’s backstory and a closed beta sign up for Mirror’s edge catalyst.

OCZ is back at it again, this time with their new Trion 150 series SSDs touted as an affordable performance upgrade.

If you’re an amazon echo owner, you can now play music directly from spotify… if you’re a premium user… and if you’re in the US.

Twitter is now testing a GIF button inside its mobile app.*looks at phone* 

And finally good guy Google is back at it again. This time Google has begun rolling out FREE gigabit internet in public housing units.