Zotac AMP! Extreme GTX 1070 Review

The GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme strikes a good deal for gamers. Priced at $469 which is slightly more expensive than the Founder’s Edition $449, it gives you better performance without breaking the bank.

Let’s start with the basic specs. The base clock is 1632MHz which can boost up to 1835MHz. A huge difference to the Founder’s Edition 1683MHz boost clock. It has 8 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory. Please remember that only GTX 1080s and the new Titan graphics cards have GDDR5X. Another difference is that it has a memory speed of 8.2GHz.

On to the design. Just by looking at it, the length is crazy long. The length is close to 13 inches long. Instead of the typical 2 PCI-e slot consumption, this uses 3! This can be a problem for those who wants to use an NVMe PCI-e storage drive or wireless adapters.The chassis on the sides and the bottom have some carbon detailing adding to the sleek look. What doesn’t contribute to the sleek quality is its backplate. The backplate has Zotac’s signature yellow color for the stripes and a steel color as a background. For more own tastes I feel that this is awkward. You have subtle on one side and flashy boasting colors on the other. The backplate has a very nice grill to help dissipate heat and a power boost button. This button activates a solid-state capacitor to help smoothen out power delivery and electrical ripples. This definitely helps prolong the lifetime of the components.

Zotac 1070 AMP Extreme Backplate

On to the fans. There are three fans and each of them has a special dual-fan design to help cool the GPU 30% more efficient than regular fans. This graphics card is no different than other ones. Jumping onto the hype train, the AMP Extreme 1070 shuts its fans off when idling. When doing hardcore tasks like gaming it usually reaches only up to 65 degrees celsius or 149F for people residing in the states. For acoustics, they are pretty darn silent. You can hear them but not to the point when they start to be annoying.

For Zotac’s software, I have a few words to describe it. It’s simple yet effective. If you want to overclock it, the firestorm application has dials to help indicate clock speeds and temperatures. There are presets for you to control the fans with a click of a button. Time for the illumination section. There are three illumination sections. The logo on the side, the slogan on the backplate and the armor on the bottom. There are colors set for it like purple, red and etc. However, you can’t select the specific shades of any color. One awesome thing is that you can control the brightness. Nobody wants illumination to be barely noticeable.

When charging through games, it trumps the 1070 Founder’s Edition by 2 to 8 frames in all benchmarks which are great. For enthusiasts, it can achieve slightly over 2Ghz in overclocking. For all types of games in 1080p or 1440p, I can assure you that you’ll be good frame rates. If you plan to game at 4K, I advise you to get two graphics cards.

In conclusion, this is a wonderful version of the GTX 1070. If you can get over the awkward aesthetics of this card, you will certainly like this graphics card for its acoustics and power.

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